São Paulo. April 2020.

The Global Executive Ed.D. program has transformed since its inception back in 2012. In the beginning, cohorts went between only Los Angeles and Hong Kong as the program focused more on an “East Meets West” approach to pedagogy and philosophy. As the cohorts became more diverse in terms of home countries and locations, program leaders felt that it was a natural move to add more locations. In addition to Los Angeles and Hong Kong, the program now takes students to Doha, Qatar and Helsinki, Finland.

In April 2020, the Global Executive Ed.D. program will take the first group of students (Cohort 7) to São Paulo, Brazil. The faculty and administration chose São Paulo for a variety of reasons. First, all other program locations are in the northern hemisphere. Second, we can add South America as far as continents are concerned. And third, we wanted to take students to a country that was demonstrably less homogeneous culturally speaking; Brazil offers a thoughtful balance to the United States and a counterbalance for Hong Kong, Doha, and Helsinki in this sense.

The educational journey that our students will take in Brazil will most likely be one that they will never forget.

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