Global 100 Events – July 2020

All Global Executive Ed.D. program alumni and current students are invited to attend the following events, which are in celebration of our 100th graduate from the program. Please check back here again for finalized details.

All times are in the Los Angeles time zone (Pacific Daylight Time) using the 24-hour format.

Because the Global 100 events are private events only for Global Executive Ed.D. program alumni and current students, we kindly ask that you not share this page (or its URL) publicly.

MONDAY, JULY 13, 2020

18:00 PDT
Education After the Pandemic
How will education evolve in response to the pandemic? What will the recovery and its aftermath mean for national-level policy? What are the political considerations for educational policy and practice? How will the pandemic transform educational entrepreneurship? Will these changes hasten the fourth industrial revolution? Kick off Global 100 week with perspectives from Brunei, Hawaii, and Singapore—and come ready to engage in a lively discussion.
Panel: Ken Ito, Patrick Liew, Shamsiah Tajuddin
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TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020

07:00 PDT
Rewards and Challenges of Conducting Online Learning in K-12 Schools in Developing Countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please join alumni in a discussion about how different schools in developing countries managed their online learning programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is online learning or hybrid programs the new normal for K-12 schools? What unique problems did schools face when implementing online learning?
Panel: Ajaya Ghimire, Lily Liu, Nefertiti Makeda, Nigel Winnard
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18:00 PDT
Cohort 5 Reunion (open to Cohort 5 alumni)

19:00 PDT
Education & Work Online: Pros, Cons, Assumptions, Misconceptions
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced education and the workforce online. What does this shift mean for administrators, faculty, managers, students, and the general workforce? Panelists will present their point of view based upon their expertise and personal experience.
Panel: Turki Al-Mahmoud, Christopher Bankston, Estella Chen
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11:00 PDT
Navigating Career Changes
Many Global Executive Ed.D. students and alumni experience career changes during and after the program. Some shift into very different career paths while others make more tactical adjustments or add new dimensions to their work. This panel includes perspectives from alumni representing four different cohorts, and the panelists invite alumni participants to share their experiences as well.
Panel: Candice Bledsoe, Adrian Donato, Crissy Gayagas, Ameena Hussain, Ken Iong
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13:00 PDT
Global Ed Execs: Global Consultants, Global Experiences, Global Media
Global Ed Execs originated to bring together a consortium of talented and experienced professionals in education matters in K-12 and Higher Education. GEE consists of three prongs: Global Consultants, Global Experiences, and Global Media.
Panel: Jamie Lee, Charles Prince
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14:00 PDT
Building Academic Partnerships between USC/US and African Institutions
This panel will discuss the importance of strengthening and promoting USC/US universities’ academic and research initiatives with African academic institutions. The goal of this panel is to encourage USC and the Global Ed.D Office to recruit more students from the continent of Africa and build partnership on academic and research projects.
Panel: Muluemebet Alemayehu, Tadios Belay, Jill Humphries, Jamie Lee, Mary Anna Noveck
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15:30 PDT
Being Black in a Post-Global Ed Doctorate World
As the world declares Black Lives Matter, a spotlight is turned on the firsthand experiences of black professionals. A year after completion, the black students from Cohort 6 reflect on life post-graduation and share the triumphs and challenges of leveraging a doctoral degree while being Black in America and abroad.
Panel: Aerial Ellis, Sean Ferguson, Christopher Garnier, Rebecca Good, Edwin Harris, Andrea Thomas
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18:00 PDT
Global 100 Trivia Hour

Have a little fun while testing your knowledge on world and USC trivia with other alumni and current students.


10:00 PDT
Cohort 3 Reunion (open to Cohort 3 alumni)

15:30 PDT
Cohort 4 Reunion (open to Cohort 4 alumni)

19:00 PDT
Cohort 6 Reunion (open to Cohort 6 alumni)

20:00 PDT
Cohort 7 Dissertation Showcase
To view posters and listen to student narrations, please click here.
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FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2020

09:00 PDT
Cohort 1 Reunion (open to Cohort 1 alumni)

11:00 PDT
Certainly Uncertain: When Constraints Become Catalysts for Creativity
How have we used what we’ve learned from our experiences with the Global Executive program to guide us through our respective journeys? Rossier’s offerings, especially during these times of uncertainty, have proven valuable to these panelists in unexpected ways. Questions and answers will follow each panelist’s brief narrative.
Panel: Frank Gettridge, Kaili Hwang, Michael McAlister
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16:00 PDT
Cohort 2 Reunion (open to Cohort 2 alumni)

20:00 PDT
Cohort 7 Commencement Celebration

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