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Factors Contributing To The Matriculation Of Saudi Arabian Students In The U.S. Academic System: An Evaluation Study
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Establishing Domestic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Programs in the Global Market: An Innovation Study
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Improving Math Achievement at Al Cornish Primary School
Fatma Al-Jufairi EdD ’21
A Promising Practice Case Study from Singapore of Socio-emotional Development in a Non-traditional Context
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Culturally Responsive Leadership in American K-12 Education: A Gap Analysis of a Large Urban District
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Critical Thinking, Global Mindedness, and Curriculum in a Saudi Arabian Secondary School
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Designing a Social Entrepreneurship Coaching Model, for Entrepreneurs
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Evaluation of Career Development Counseling in Public High Schools in Qatar
Faisal Al Ali EdD ’17
Increasing the Number of Petroleum Engineering Students in the United Arab Emirates
Azizullah Amir EdD ’17
Recruitment of Women Faculty to Staff a Gender Appropriate University in Afghanistan: An Innovation Study
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Integrating Education for Social Justice and Social Innovation: A Gap Analysis of a Program Innovation to Increase Justice-Oriented Action
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The TOEFL Exam Gateway: Understanding Performance Factors Among Community College Students
Tadios Belay EdD ’19
Advancing Black Identity and Culture in a Predominantly White Colleges and Universities
Nancy Bjorklund EdD ’18
Standards as Drivers of Internationalization
Ruth Claire Black EdD ’16
Coaching to Increase Retention in Online Degree Completion Programs
Candice Bledsoe EdD ’14
The Importance of Being a Global Citizen: Creating & Implementing a Global Education Curriculum for Urban, At-Risk Students
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Gender Parity in American Academic Philosophy: A Promising Practice Study
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Increasing Faculty Engagement in Entrepreneurial Behavior to Advance Regional Economic Development: An Innovation Study
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Increasing Study Abroad Completion at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU)
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Retention of Online Students in an Addiction Education Counseling Associates Degree Program: A Gap Analysis
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Service-Learning and Character Development: An Analysis of Up with People Resulting in a Model of Global Citizens for Servant Leadership
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Systemic Multilayered Assessment of Global Awareness in Undergraduate Students: An Innovation Study
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Compliance training in multicultural workplaces: A gap analysis
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Increasing International Student Enrollment at a Taiwanese University: A Gap Analysis
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Creating a Comprehensive Professional Development Program for MBA Students: A Needs Analysis
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Leading Instructional Shifts in Emergent Bilingual Education: A Principal’s Role
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Understanding Student Persistence in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): An Evaluation Study
Shaohui (Steve) Chen EdD ’21
Preparing International Students for Management School through Pathway Programs
Alan Clipperton EdD ’19
International Marketing and Student Recruitment at a Small Faith-based Institution
Brian Creswick EdD ’19
Evaluation of an Enterprise Approach for Raising Resources in United States Higher Education
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Assessing Student Burnout using the All Well? Survey at Aalto University: An Evaluation Study
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Girls in STEM: The Underrepresented Trajectory in Tennessee: An Innovation Study
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Linking Shared Governance and the Strategic Planning Processes: An Innovation Study
Leeanne Dunsmore EdD ’15
Partnering with the Private Sector to Increase Graduate Enrollments: A Gap Analysis in a School of International Affairs
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Intercultural Competencies of Senior Leaders in Public Relations Practicing Diversity and Inclusion
Sean Ferguson EdD ’19
Asian Employer Perspectives of MBA Graduates and the Impact on MBA Hiring
Kona-Facia Freeman-Nepay EdD ’17
Creating A Language Immersion Teacher Recruitment and Development Pipeline: Understanding the Motivations and Needs of the Prospective Candidate
Eric Fung EdD ’17
Attracting and Retaining Talent: Improving the Impacts of Workplace Mentorship
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Closing the Access Gap to Gifted and Talented Education for Black K-12 Students
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Assessing and Articulating the Impact of the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies: An Innovation Study
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The Achievement Gap: The Principal and Children’s Literacy Initiative
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Effective Course Design for Improving Student Learning: A Case Study in Application
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School Principal Positional Longevity in K-12 Schools: An Improvement Study
Yuan Gong EdD ’19
Career-Related Parent Support in a High School in Shanghai: A Needs Analysis
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The Impact of Connecticut Legislators on Teacher Diversity