Sheikh Lukman Hamid EdD ’15
Implementing Competency Based Education Training to a Technical and Vocational Institute in Brunei: A Gap Analysis
Edwin Harris EdD ’19
Optimal Applications of Social and Emotional Learning Paradigms for Improvements in Academic Performance
Sakinah Harrison EdD ’21
The Impact of School Racial Climate on the Retention of Teachers of Color
Howard Hao-Chun Hsia EdD ’14
Teacher Proficiency in Soft Skills Instruction to Culinary Students at Kai Ping Culinary School: A Gap Analysis
Fang-Ping Lena Huang EdD ’14
Increasing Student Enrollment at Kao Yuan University
Ameena Hussain EdD ’16
Building Local Capacity in Student Affairs at a National University in Qatar: A Gap Analysis
Shakir Hussain EdD ’20
Intentional, Pedagogically-Driven, and Systematic use of Technology in Teaching Practice
Kai-Li Hwang EdD ’18
Diversity Initiatives in a California Independent School: From Plans to Reality
Chio Heng Kenneth Iong EdD ’15
Increasing International Student Enrollment at Saint Louis School: A Gap Analysis
Kenneth Ito EdD ’15
Increasing Math Achievement at Hakipu’u Learning Center: A Gap Analysis
William “Billy” Johnson EdD ’21
Clearing The Path for Black Male Connecticut Educators in Predominantly White Institutions
Abdulhannan Kareem EdD ’15
Increasing Partnerships Between Education and Industry in the United Arab Emirates: A Gap Analysis
Sultan Karmostaji EdD ’14
Increasing Emiratisation in Engineering Faculty Positions at the Higher Colleges of Technology
Dulcie Kermah EdD ’15
Increasing 9th Grade Students’ Proficiency in Mathematics: A Gap Analysis of a Private School in Ghana

Victor Koong EdD ’16
Child-centered, Play-based Curriculum at a Hong Kong Kindergarten and Nursery: A Gap Analysis
Gada Korayim EdD ’16
Improving Educational Attainment at a Bridge Program in Saudi Arabia: A Gap Analysis
Katerina Kulagina EdD ’14
Establishing the Presence of Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies in the Russian Federation: A Gap Analysis
Chih-Chieh (Cervantes) Lee EdD ’21
Establishing Multi-unit Fast Casual Restaurant Education at UNLV Hospitality College: An Innovation Study
Hannah Lee EdD ’16
Fostering Competent Instructional Systems Specialists at the Instructional Systems Technology Program
Jamie Lee EdD ’18
Expanding Bilingualism and Biliteracy Through a Student-Centered Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Secondary Schools: An Innovation Gap Analysis
Shwu-Yuan (Mandy) Lee EdD ’21
Generation Y Employee Retention in A Diverse Generational Mix
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Intercultural Integration of Students at a Sino-Foreign Cooperative University in China: An Evaluation Study
Patrick Liew EdD ’15
Increasing Recruitment of Customers for a Financial Education Program: A Gap Analysis
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Defining and Operationalizing the Proficiencies Necessary to Execute Missional Statement Concepts of Student Spiritual Development at Rio International School: An Innovation Gap Analysis Study
Li Liu EdD ’18
The Influence of Internationalization and Localization’s Integration on Expatriate Teacher Retention in an International School in a Developing World Context
Michael Lozano EdD ’15
Increasing English Performance in Chinese Schools: A Gap Analysis
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A Gap Analysis on Improving Teacher Retention in Kindergarten: A Case of a Private Kindergarten in Hong Kong
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Making a Case for Teaching Religious Literacy in Ethiopian Schools: An Innovation Study
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Building 21st Century Skills For School-Age Children In Colombia: Lessons From A Promising Practice
Michael McAlister EdD ’18
Deepening Awareness: The Integration of Mindfulness Practices in United States High Schools
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Self-Regulation Plans and Online Student Persistence: A Gap Analysis
Troy McVey EdD ’17
Improved Student Success At CSU Dominguez Hills: A Promising Practice Study
Seid Mohammed EdD ’19
Effectiveness of Continuous Professional Development in Ethiopia: An Evaluation Study