Attire for the In-Person Sessions

One of the common questions that students have focuses on¬†what to wear during the times when we are all together in the various program locations. Depending on the actual location, what we wear is absolutely critical not only to¬†demonstrate the professional aspect of our doctoral program but also to be respectful of local customs and norms. This is a quick guide on what is acceptable (and what isn’t).

In general, during class sessions that don’t require a visit off campus or outside the hotel (referred to as a “site visit” for the rest of this post), casual clothing is fine.

Los Angeles
Business casual is the standard for site visits, unless otherwise noted. (Your professors or the program office will notify you of this.)

Site visits are more formal here than in Los Angeles, so standard business attire is required. Strongly consider lightweight materials for your business attire since it is hot and humid year-round.

Standard business attire is required. For visits in the fall or spring, bundle up!

Sao Paulo
Same as Helsinki, except that the weather is much more moderate than Helsinki.

Business casual is acceptable, but standard business attire is preferred.

What is “business attire”?
In a program with people who work in different corners of the world, one’s definition of business attire may not be the same as someone else’s. This is how the Global Executive Ed.D. program defines “business attire”:

  • Men should wear a suit or a combination of slacks and a sports jacket, plus a tie. Dress shoes and dress socks are required.
  • Women should wear a suit or a combination of dresses with blazers. High heels are not required; however, casual sandals are not allowed.
  • In general, athletic clothing and/or shoes are strictly forbidden.
  • Students not properly dressed for site visits should expect a conversation with their professors and the program office staff. If the clothing worn is not only inappropriate but also problematic, you may not be able to join the group for the site visit. This may affect your grade for the course in question.
  • “This is what I wear at work” is not justification for being improperly dressed.

2 thoughts on “Attire for the In-Person Sessions

  1. Thanks for doing this blog! I see that casual clothing is fine for class times.

    Will there be any off-site visits in LA or can I just pack casual clothing?



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