Tips on How to Negotiate for Program Travel

Eventually, all people who are interested in applying for the Global Executive Ed.D. program wonder about the intensive sessions. For those who do not know, the program travels to Los Angeles, Johannesburg, São Paulo, Singapore and Helsinki each term (there are nine terms total). Five sessions are spent in Los Angeles and one each in Johannesburg, São Paulo, Singapore and Helsinki . All together, the nine intensive sessions add up to 11 weeks of travel away from work, home, and family/loved ones.

We asked current students about how they negotiated the 11 weeks of travel with their supervisors and for tips to pass on to future cohorts. Here is what they said.

  1. Inform your employer of your travel dates as soon as you are admitted. Most of our students have been able to negotiate time off without difficulty, having given their employers fair notice of program requirements. Remember though- if you know that you can’t get the time off, you can’t do the program.
  2. Discuss with your supervisor how your participation in the program will enhance or improve your work. Linking the program to the goals of your department/school is important point to make when negotiating for the time off.
  3.  Plan ahead. While the program is designed to accommodate full-time work, it is essential to manage your time well, especially around in-person sessions and once you start your dissertation literature review.  Anticipating the workload is key. As one of our students said, “Build the ark!”
  4. Seek support from faculty and staff. If you have difficulty keeping up with your coursework or making time for the in-person sessions, please reach out for assistance. The Global faculty and staff want you to succeed and are happy to consult with you regarding hardships that arise.
  5. It’s worth it! Despite the challenges associated with travel for the in-person sessions, our students reported that they find it highly rewarding to visit countries across the world and engage with their classmates, who bring a variety of rich experiences and perspectives.

Fight On!

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