Dining and Shopping near USC

The City of Angels can be an intimidating place for newcomers because of its sheer size and sprawl. The best way to visit is to have a local show you around and take you to some of the great, off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods or to the touristy destinations (while knowing the shortcuts to take). Los Angeles is also one the best cities in the world for global cuisine; you can find every type of cuisine you can imagine there. While it is impossible to see all of Los Angeles, the Global Executive Ed.D. program office is here to provide some recommendations for dining and shopping near our beautiful campus.

FIGat7th: While this is not a standard mall, it’s a good place to go for quick shopping and good stand-alone restaurants/food court. This is the closest shopping area to the USC campus and is quickly accessible via the Expo Line towards 7th/Metro Center station.

The Grove: This is probably the most popular mall in Los Angeles; it is well known for its small town feel and holiday decorations. Don’t forget to check out the Farmer’s Market next door; some of the best food in L.A. can be found there!

Beverly Center: For many years, the Beverly Center has been the standard mall for high-end, luxury brands. See some of L.A.’s richest folks shop here. (We intentionally did not include Rodeo Drive since it’s much more of a spectacle than a genuine shopping experience.)

Downtown Santa Monica/Third Street Promenade: Shop by the Pacific Ocean in Downtown Santa Monica and Third Street Promenade. The Promenade is closed to only pedestrian traffic for a number of blocks, which makes it ideal for people watching and window shopping. You’re bound to see street performers while shopping here.

Westfield Culver City: This is the closest mall to LAX and is the only one that has both Best Buy and Target under one roof. You can find pretty much everything you need or want here.

Citadel Outlets: If you’re looking for deep-discount shopping but don’t want to drive two hours away, try the Citadel Outlets. It’s the only outlet mall within a major metropolis, and some amazing deals can be found there.

For ideas on fuel for your shopping adventures and studies, check out Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic, Jonathan Gold’s reviews of Los Angeles eateries. Plus, 22 hottest restaurants in Los Angeles right now! 

Program office staff foodie recommendations:

Global Ed.D Assistant Director, Alondra Morales, recommends Ebaes for some delicious ramen and sushi. New Moon is also one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown LA – I first ate New Moon over 10 years ago and it’s still a family favorite! The new moon chicken salad is amazing.

Director Dr. Sabrina Chong recommends Mercado La Paloma, which is just a 10-minute walk from the USC Radisson. Mercado La Paloma doubles as a food court and community meeting space; people go there to eat amazing Peruvian food at Chichen Itza, while Dr. Chong goes there for al pastor soft tacos and jamaica (pronounced ha-MY-ka) juice at Taqueria Vista Hermosa. Check out the vegan Ethiopian restaurant, too! Being Korean-American, she also recommends Eight Korean BBQ in Koreatown. If you like pork belly, you’ll love eating it marinated eight different ways and grilled tableside.

To access a list of restaurants and transportation services, please click on the links below:

Google Document: Dining and Transportation

PDF Document: Dining and Transportation

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