July 2020 In-Person Session Location

For the July 2020 in-person sessions in Los Angeles (Terms 1, 5, and 9) for Cohorts 6, 7, and 8, the Global Executive Ed.D. program will be at the USC Center in Downtown Los Angeles!

Some students asked the program office about the USC Center (also known informally as City Center) and if they would ever get the chance to have class there. We asked ourselves if we could do it, so here we are!

We felt that this was the perfect opportunity for students to explore what’s always been in their “backyards” at USC but most likely never got too much time to see/do- all of the nightlife and activities in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA).

City Center is located at 1149 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015. The skyscraper is prominently featured in the South Park neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). USC became the biggest tenant in what was the former AT&T building, and in 2015, the building was branded with the USC logo. You can read more about the expanded lease, the USC schools who lease space there, and USC signage here.

The USC Center (City Center) is about a 10-minute walk from the Staples Center and LA Live.

Where is City Center located in relation to the main USC Campus?

The distance is a little over two miles, or 3.2 kilometers.

How Do Students Get to and from City Center?

The Global Executive Ed.D. program office is providing free Lyft rides to students for the days during which class is in session. Students will be given a special Lyft event code that they will need to use for rides between the two designated points- the USC Hotel and USC City Center.

The code will not work for rides that are not between these two points.

We encourage students to share Lyft rides to/from City Center and to schedule their rides in advance to ensure getting to class on time in the mornings. (Class begins at 8am every day for Cohorts 7 and 8; Cohort 6 should refer to their EDUC 764D syllabus for exact class times.) By sharing Lyft rides, you help keep each other on time!

With that said, please allot extra time for your rides, especially in the morning during rush hour. The transit times shown in the Google Maps screenshot above reflect traffic conditions at 9pm at night on a Tuesday.

What about the Cohort 6 Dissertation Showcase and Commencement Ceremony?

For the afternoons of Thursday, July 18 (showcase) and Friday, July 19 (commencement), the program office will provide a chartered bus to take everyone back to campus for these two events.

Check out our next DTLA blog post for dining suggestions!

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