Dining Options Around USC City Center (Within .5 miles)

Google Links Provided Below. Information updated as of June 2019

**This list does not contain venues inside of the USC City Center


Umami Burger – (Craft Burgers, 0.3 miles)

Birdies – (Fried Chicken Sandwiches/Donuts, 0.4 miles)


Coco Fresh Tea and Juice – (Boba/Tapioca tea – 0.3 miles)

Cow Café – (Vegetarian/Mediterranean, 0.3 miles)

Hygge Bakery & Café – (Danish breads/cakes, 0.3 miles)

Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies – (0.3 miles)

Starbucks – (0.2 miles)

Craft Beer/Gastropubs

First Draft Taproom & Kitchen – (American Taproom, 0.2 miles)

Mikkeller – (Modern Gastropub w/ Happy Hour, 0.3 miles)

Modern Times – (Craft beer and Modern Eats, 0.5 miles)

LA Live/Staples Center (0.5 miles)

Boca (Mexican Fusion)

Katsuya LA Live (Sushi)

Live Basil Pizza

Rock’N Fish (Seafood)

Rosa Mexicano (Contemporary Mexican)


Tom’s Urban (Sports Bar & Grill)

Triple 8 China Bar & Grill (Cantonese Restaurant)

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill (Upscale Bar & Grill)

Yard House (Upscale Sports Bar & Grill with many draft beers)

Restaurants w/ Bars/Happy Hours

Barcito – (Bar w/ Latin American Eats, 0.2 miles)

Cana Rum Bar – (0.5 m

Prank – (Open Air Restaurant w/ Bar, 0.3 miles)

Stocking Frame – (Restaurant & Bar w/ lots of space, 0.3 miles)


Arashi Sushi – (Sushi, 0.4 miles)

DTLA Ramen – (Japanese Ramen, 0.3 miles)

Sakana Sushi Lounge – (Sushi, 0.4 miles)


Dune – (Quaint restaurant w/ great falafel & hummus, 0.3 miles away)

Shekarchi – (Modern Meditteranean w/ lots of space, 0.4 miles)


Chipotle – (Mexican Fast Food, 0.3 miles)

El Cholo – (Lively Mexican Restaurant, 0.4 miles)

Tacos Mexico – (Fast and Cheap Mexican Street Food, 0.4 miles)


Krab Queez Seafood & Daquiris (0.2 miles)

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